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Defense Tips

Defense is a part of paintball that will come at various stages of a game. There maybe games in which a team may not need to go on the defense while there are other games have to play defense the entire game. Players/teams dig in and play a defensive oriented style because they are timid of their opposition and respect them. They also play defense the entire game if they don't know the field or they are not use to playing with one another. They will take a primary bunker and not move in an aggressive, offensive manner the whole time. Teams need to play offense if they intend to win games. They should play defense when needed, not to loose the game. "I don't recommend teams being afraid of other teams and just sit there and don't do anything." Teams need to move, they need to push and get elimination's - pulls and hangs so they get the points that puts them into the semi-final and final rounds of tournaments. There are other factors that dictate whether or not teams want or need to play defense. The way fields are laid out, or if the fields are not even and there is little or no cover. Also very thick fields with allot of trees, bushes and other foliage, The terrain may allow for little movement and the defensive team may even be down hill. Movement up hill is slowed while the opposition's shots will be traveling downhill further. Teams that have paintguns going down and broken paint in barrels are not likely to go on the offensive. Eliminated teammates definitely make teams go on the defensive, especially if it's a two or three to one differential. Eliminated players will leave gaps in your line. Teammates to the left or right need to shift towards one another to close in the hole or a floater can fill it. Even if a paintgun goes down a player can "bug out" and have his place taken by a fellow player or he can stay there while being covered defensively by a teammate. The way the game usually plays out will determine if a team plays defense, If your team is being eliminated and it's a four on two then you both need to communicate and fall back toward one another a little bit. Guard your station try and keep them from capturing your flag or getting the first pull if its center flag and running it in. Always guard the flag and center of the field if you are playing the center flag format. If you have a player eliminated from your center or he shifts to a flank, then the opposition can rush right up the middle to the flag get the pull, keep on running to your station for the hang. This usually happens when that team is loosing and has very little chance of victory. When playing capture and return post up a player at your opponents flag station if the opposition is trying to get your flag back to their station they will be ambushed by your defensive player. Also remember "fools rush in" when a team has superior numbers on you and they sense they are going to win they get careless, they won't coordinate moves with one another. They seem to stay out of their protection for longer periods of time plus they expose more of their bodies, which make better targets. Let them move on in, patience, make sure you are loaded with paint and get off accurate shots. If players are low on paint they are more likely to play defense. When the end of a game is approaching a team should load up, dig in and wait for the push if your team is not going to push first. Catch them coming in and then counter push. There are particular players on teams that play more of a defensive game. Covermen protect the front players from getting shot while the holders keep the opposition from advancing. Holders are usually on a flank; one flank is usually designated as the push flank while the hold flank is the opposite side. That's not to say when the opportunity arises that these defensive players should kick in the offensive mode, go with push, go in for a pull, blitz your mirror. Just remember there is a time and place for a team or certain players of a team to go on defense. Teams need both offense and defense to win games, you play offense to win the games and defense not to loose it.